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Bio-Film Crop Protection products are available from any of the major rural retailers including:
  • EE Muir & Sons
  • Elders
  • Landmark
  • CRT
  • Lindsay Rural

Single Strain Beneficial Foliar Applied Bacteria

  • Loli-pepta (Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens pm 414) @ 100 000 000 colony forming units/ml (cfu/ml) 
  • Carbamate 

 Single Strain Soil Applied Beneficial Bacteria

  •  Rhizo-Max (Available in Liquid and Granules)
  • VAM
  • Humicast (Vermicast)


Increased Nutrient utilization, by active transport, particularly of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Silica.

Anti-biotic activity against pathogenic bacteria

Promotion of a Salicylic Acid Response to induce disease resistance

Colonisation of the cytoplasmic membrane (root hairs and leaf surface) and subsequent formation of a Biofilm preventing infectious disease.



Available in 20L and 1000L . Contact accounts@biofilm.net.au or your Technical support team :

Horticulture - James Watson BAppSc 0439 799 060 or james@biofilm.net.au

Product Development and Research - Jack Milbank BAppSc. 0434678228  jack@biofilm.net.au

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